Q. What's your shooting style?
A. My style is pretty much me pretending to be a ghost the entire day. I want my clients to be so comfortable that it feels like I'm not even there. For the first half of the shoot, I keep it entirely documentary and snap the important, intimate moments as they happen, without much direction. During couple portraits, I direct and give cues and shoot your responses and reactions to each other. 

Q. Do you have back up files?
A. Of course. If ever something goes wrong with the files, I have a 2nd set ready at all times. Your photos are immediately backed up during or after the wedding, depending on how much I shoot!

Q. Do you deliver every wedding photo that you take?
A. No, I usually pick around 400-600 of the best images for a standard 7-12 hour day.

Q. How many engagement images do you deliver?
A. It usually depends on how long we shoot for, but I try to give at least 30 pictures per hour of shooting. (Ex. 2 hours of shooting = about 60 engagement photos)

Q. Should we send you a shot list?
A. Aside from family photos, I do not need a shot list.  I document the day as it naturally happens, and I make every effort to catch every important detail!

Q. Do you do destination weddings?
A. YES. I love traveling, especially to forested areas and cloudy places, so I'm always down for a destination wedding.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. I shoot with 2 Canon 5D Mark 3s. I always (emphasis on the ALWAYS) have a 35mm lens on one and an 85/50 on the other. Depending on the situation, I use different lenses when necessary.

Q. Do you shoot in JPEG or RAW? 
A. I always shoot in Raw!

Q. How many hours can I hire you for?
A. The usual coverage is 7-8 hours. However, if you'd like to add more hours, you're more than welcome to! 

Q. Do you edit every photo you deliver? 
A. Yes! Every photo is edited by myself. Color correcting, tones, cropping, and so on.

Q. Will you be photographing my wedding?
A. Yes! A 2nd shooter will also be provided if need be.

Q. How much time do you suggest we set aside for a wedding photo session?
A. This will be discussed in our first meeting, but I always suggest at least an hour!

Q. Should we do a “first look” before our ceremony?
A. Honestly, I don't usually recommend a first look because this makes for a more emotional walk down the aisle. But if we're very limited on time, it's better to do a photo session prior to the ceremony.

Q. Do you mind if friends/family/other photographers shoot during our wedding?
A. Not at all! It is my job as a professional to work around these situations. Unless they're completely getting in the way of my creative process, I will have no problem working around them.

Q. How long does it take to get our images of the wedding?
A. I like to give myself enough time to work on every image and therefore need around 4-6 weeks.

Q. All your wedding packages include a “USB drive with hi-res images”. Can you elaborate?
A. Yes, I offer all high resolution edited images in a 16 GB flash drive. As a reminder, these files will be available online as well. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to message me!