Hi, I'm Arjay.

Man, this feels like an awkward first date. Hi? Nice to meet you? You have beautiful eyes? I'm really not that great at writing these things. Where do I start? I'm a huge coffee shop nerd and I have a weird obsession with white shoes. Oh, and I take pictures.

Three years ago, I picked photography as a hobby. Little did I know it would grow to be my lifelong passion. It fueled my ambitions to travel, to take pretty pictures of food, to be the single guy who 3rd wheeled to take pictures of his friends. And somewhere along the way, I discovered my love for wedding photography.

I have the privilege of documenting one of the most important days of two humans' lives. My goal with couples isn't to just make a quick buck, but to connect with them on a personal level. To make lifelong friends and not just clients.

I'm not about stiff, unnatural poses because, honestly, those type of pictures suck to take. I'm here to capture the real love — the genuine, sarcastic, beautiful love you both share. The type that gives you butterflies, the type that makes you miss them every second, the type that makes you fall in love even more every time you see them. I'm here to capture the big moments, small moments, and the in-between.


Thank you for taking a look at my work.